Platform for IRL Doge events

Crypto is many things but most importantly it is about community. Nothing builds a strong community like real life events. As of now, Doge mostly exists in the digital space. Some irl events have been hosted but these events are not easily accessible. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience all the good and fun that Doge has to offer!

I envision a future where inclusive Doge events are hosted on a regular basis in major cities across the world. Events will be geared towards having fun or giving back to the community and can be hosted by anyone willing to put in the effort to coordinate them. The goal with this project is:

  1. Allow anyone to easily spread Doge adoption and good vibes by participating in real life events.
  2. Build local Doge networks across the world in a coordinated effort to help unite the Doge community.

Build a platform that easily lets anyone attend or host local Doge events. The platform will allow Shibes to RSVP and host events. Once the platform is finalized, we need to spread awareness and encourage Shibes to take the initiative in coordinating an event near them. I built an example of a platform and I’m looking for feedback to make it as Doge friendly as possible! Check it out here:


  1. Finalize platform (1-4 weeks)
    a. Get feedback from community about name and design
    b. Add features community would like to see on the platform

  2. Host first event (1-2 months)
    a. Test features of platform
    b. Build a playbook other hosts can follow

  3. Find hosts willing to coordinate an event near them
    a. Can happen in parallel before hosting first event
    b. Compile list of people willing to participate in future events

Funding is not requested, instead I am looking for Shibes interested in coordinating or attending local events. However, some events can be sponsored on a pay-per-event basis to help encourage more creative events and incentive newcomers.

With a little effort and coordination, the spirit of Doge will be coming to a city near you!


Love this Conscious Doge, this is something that we’ve wanted to see happen for a long time, I think there could definitely be some collab opportunities with PizzaDAO, NounsDAO + various community members from our global network.

If there is a time where an individual DAO grant or maybe a D.O.G.E fund is proposed for these types of events; I would love to hear more/ help workshop.

Overall I think this proposal will help to unlock the potential of Doge // IRL as a global force and to develop a structure for Dogely gatherings across the world.

I agree with Smoke in that I love your idea! We have been wanting to get some IRL meet ups set up so that Doge enthusiasts across the world have a place to meet up in their local areas.

Your emphasis on the importance of community in crypto is spot on. IRL events are definitely a powerful way to build and strengthen the Doge community. As you know, Doge currently has a strong digital presence so making IRL events more accessible would be an awesome way to enhance the community experience. Creating a platform to facilitate these events makes it easier for anyone to RSVP and host events so this would significantly lower the barriers to participation.

Lastly, I just want to say that it is very commendable that you’re not requesting funding upfront, instead focusing on finding frens interested in coordinating or attending local events. Sponsoring some events on a pay-per-event basis is a smart strategy to encourage more creative and engaging meet-ups imo.

Tysm for submitting your proposal and really look forward to seeing where this could go!
LFD :dog2:


This initiative is fantastic! Bringing Doge from the digital space into the real world will undoubtedly strengthen the community and create lasting connections @Smoke and @boop has made a very good suggestion on this too.

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Love your idea as it’s been a continuous discussion for years. Would love to collab with you and brainstorm with Julia/Gary and DDP, Snacks with PizzaDAO, MyDoge, and people with Consensys.

The larger crypto events have mostly been unaccessible to me for a lot of reasons, but if you think about it like campaigning, grassroots activism has a much wider and more effective reach.

I’ve had a lot of years volunteering for similar communities here in my town. In 2021 during the freeze, we coordinated with World Kitchen and the Cajun Navy. During Covid lockdowns we packaged groceries and supplies for about 10k households the first weekend. Now I’m not the one that knows how to coordinate any of that shit, but I know people who do :rofl: I’m just a show up and do work person. I’ve even built a playground.

You’re also located in a much closer area to me that I’m familiar because I was born and raised outside of there and family/friends still nearby. Just meaning for any larger sized event, it would be extremely easy for me to attend vs NY or some other country.

Basically what I mean is that if you wanted to have a throwback party in the middle of a cornfield as a random doge meetup and create a giant dogecoin crop circle, I know specific people I’d contact. And I’d be the first person there with a board to flatten the cornstalks.

Creating a startup activation kit would be essential. Utilizing incentives to ensure follow-thru regardless of attendance stats would be beneficial as well.

I could go back to my pixel passport concept and rethink how it could be utilized especially with all the new layers and easier tech implementation.

I could also dedicate a web3 domain I’ve had for a long time for this reason to easily integrate decentralization.

I’ll stop because I just added like 90 new pages to your draft :rofl::heart_hands:

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