Statue Unveiling = Doge Pilgrimage v2

also - i’d like to see new meme collisions - don’t think it makes as much sense to pay to bring bad luck brian back since we’ve already activated his audience - hasbulla or someone who’s very relevant rn would be great

I’d be happy to act as a foreign “guide” of sorts in Tokyo while there if anyone stays around a few days as well since I’ve spent a ton of time in Japan. The time zone change is hard to adjust to from the US, so I usually recommend not doing a super quick turnaround trip for something like this.

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Hasbulla’s team responds to DMs pretty well, but, they also travel in a crew and would require all expenses paid. Would be 20-30k easy.

since timeline is getting so tight I am not sure which meme personalities we can reach that are also very recognizable, I am still bullish on scumbag steve and blb for more viral content based on the last experience but down to bring others if we can land them