The Sweet Potato Paradise Game


A battle-royale style webgame to generate extra income for the DAOge.


The Sweet Potato team would like to create a web game that burns $DOG and generates income for the DAOge. This is achieved by selling NFT tickets to players, then deplete said tickets to pick winners for grand prizes. For example, selling (virtual) sweet potatoes to everyone, then letting Kabosu to feast on them to reveal gold nuggets inside.

The game will be hosted as an extra feature on the pixel portal. Pixel holders will receive extra perks based on which region of the doge map their pixels are located in.

To make it more fun instead of a buy-and-forget lottery, players will have certain control over their NFTs, like placing them near or away from Kabosu. The NFTs will be tradable too, so the DAOge will be able to earn royalties from them.

This game system will be reusable so the DAOge can use it to host multiple events for different occasions.

The first ideation of the game can be found here:
The Sweet Potato Paradise

We are currently adjusting the design for compliance reasons e.g. introducing level-up and battle related rules, removing luck factors.

The Sweet Potato team should discuss with OtD core team members for goals to achieve and other details of the game, then deliver a fully functional game within 3 months after the pilgrimage.


  • Sponsorship to doge pilgrimage (50% x2 team members)

Production Requirements

The below requirements are drafted based on the first ideation for a rough idea of how much work has to be done. As the basic game rules get altered during the design process, requirements may change.

  • Frontend (website)
    • About page
    • Sweet potato cart - the NFT vendor/minter
    • Doge Map - an overlay of pixel portal, including information of each region, like how many potatoes are there
    • My potatoes - check status of potatoes owned by me, level up potatoes
  • Art assets
    • Game related art assets, e.g. map, Kabosu, sweet potatoes in different states
    • Other UI elements e.g. buttons
  • Smart contracts
    • Mint contract that accepts payment on Eth mainnet and NFTs minted on Polygon
    • On-chain verifiable randomization of NFT metadata updating

Risk and Challenges

The Sweet Potato team has game dev experience (Unity) but is new to web game development. Depending on the process, external vendors might be needed and another grant will be required.

To comply with laws of different countries, game rules and presentation are subject to change vastly, for example the removal of certain randomization factors, that would include new features to develop.


Having someone to do with $DOG on L2/Sidechain has been something I have been interested in for a long while, I think this is a good opportunity for our ecosystem!


I think this is a really cool idea and I am also bullish on exploring ways to take advantage of an L2; I’m excited to hear more!


doge will be future. belive doge


I agree that we need moar games in the $DOG ecosystem. I also REALLY like the idea of an overlay of potatoes strewn across the pixel portal. it’ll put more eyes on the portal and incentivize people to get some pixels themselves.

Things we’ll probably need to consider:

  • choose which L2 we’re going on so that most (if not all) games can go there and create a vibrant ecosystem with $DOG payments.
  • initial understanding of how much the cost of web game development would be, because i think that it should be rolled into this proposal as “total grant”.
  • initial understanding of what “prizes” people are winning so the juice is worth the squeeze.


1/ would love to see this broken down into DOG / USD equivilant

2/ would love to better understand

  • how DOG would be burned
  • other costs involved (if any, assuming proposal creatoors can design/build or find the resources with current budget)
  • and timeline to people playing
  • and if this game concept is final or could play off doge pixels and nostalgia - like a P2E doge pixels snake or tetris



I love the concept of the game and there is definitely a need to gamify the Pixel Portal. This will help us get more crowd actively engaged in the portal. I would love to see how we can make this less luck based and more skill based.

One thought I had was to tie in the number of Pixels a person own as a factor affecting gold nugget chances or something like that creating more utility of larger holders. This will help get people mint more Pixels.


Updated proposal based on feedback from DAO 4/5/2023


The Sweet Potato team’s goal is to produce a gamification project to generate additional use cases for $DOG on an L2.

Help drive the process to select and build a game in the $DOG ecosystem. We would support providing game concepts, design, and project management.

We’ll be responsible for:

  • Generate gamification ideas (such as The Sweet Potato Paradise game, tetris, or platformer) and help the team understand costs, requirements, and timeline to produce
  • The top ideas for gamification would be presented to the team during the pilgrimage, with the top 3 ideas going to community vote for selection of what would be built
  • We would support building the game - including asset design and web game development (all by ourselves or with the help of developers, costs would be noted and depend on the needs of the final game design)
    • Overall project management on the project to make sure each part goes smoothly, and make the game idea come true
    • Our timeline would be to complete the game 3 months post pilgrimage and would be expected to work on the project 5 hours per week (On Average) for the next 4 months.

Partial sponsorship to pilgrimage, 2 tickets half price, valued 4.2k USD total. We would cover flights and stay together to reduce costs.

The Doge DAO team will need to select the best L2 or sidechain to build on, and establish proper liquidity.

THANK YOU for the feedback and suggestions!


I think this seems fair and I’m interested to see this put up for vote; We have talked about incorporating a game into our ecosystem for a long time and I am happy to see that this may come to pass in the near future!

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just having game designers on retainer is extremely valuable, regardless of the game itself. very excited to see what we can cook up in the near future!

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I am a big supporter of this proposal, I really wanna see a game on $DOG!

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I don’t fully understand the concept, but I believe you do!

I looked through the deck (powerpoint), and I love that it happens on the Doge meme image. I guess this game is hosted on the Pixel Portal? That is very fun.

And you believe you can build out this game (with Gainor I assume?) for “free”, within 4 months? As in, we fund the pilgrimage tickets, and that will be the only cost for the DAOge? That sounds like a great deal to me.

I really love that owning Pixels in a region can give added bonuses to players.

I’m not sure the cost for players, and how long the game lasts, and how frequently they run, and how many players need to be involved, but that’s ok for now.

I’d like to see different types of sweet potato, worth different things.

I assume there is some element where players can win, and also some way for the DAOge to generate revenue from players participating. I’d like to know more about that.

I’m definitely keen to approve this proposal. I can’t wait to find out a lot more about your ideas.

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Thank you:) We’re still working on the game ideas. The cost and timeframe will be estimated and presented along with the ideas.

About costs -
Still it will depend on the final game design, but likely the game would need 3 parts: game design assets, contract development, web development.
As far as I know OtD team may want to outsource rather than using Gainor on this project. So there could be another cost for hiring a contract developer.
Ideally if we potatoes can complete game assets and web development by ourselves within the time then there should be no other costs.

About game details -
What could be the “prize” for players - @zona
P2E doge pixels snake or tetris - @tridog
pixel amount affects winning chances - @nottyboy420
the cost for players, how long/frequently the game runs - @SaladPingers
Thank you all for the feedback! We will take these into consideration!


LOVE IT! excited to play already

Proposal Passed: Snapshot

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ty for the follow up

Thank you! we’re composing the ideas :sweet_potato:

shouldn’t you be “composting” the ideas if its potatoes :wink: :wink:

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