Acquire Kyle Kemper's Crypto Art Car and make it a community vehicle


I have this incredible art car that has been painted on by 500+ people (Including Julia Love, Tim Draper, Max Keiser, Sophie Trudeau, Sergey Gordienko just to name a few) over the last 5 years. It is an activation portal in helping people tune into their creative side and unlock their inner child.

It has travelled all across America and Canada attending events and doing its magic. Earlier this year following NFTLA it received the Doge Caesar as a hood ornament; an incredible addition.

There are a few principles that I ask people to follow when adding to the art car:

  1. Respect the windows, mirrors, lights and license plate by not painting on them.
  2. View the car as a canvas for expression and not a bathroom stall for tagging. Names, words, and statements are discouraged.
  3. Respect others’ contributions and be conscious about modifying or covering them up. That said it is a canvas that continuously evolves.
  4. Smile & Laugh

The car also is a Dogecoin wallet and somewhere on it there is a NFC wallet that holds doge and other cryptocurrencies. If someone finds the wallet they can add to it or pull from it…the choice is yours…if you can find it.

The car is currently in Miami Florida and in need of a clutch repair; yes it’s a manual transmission car. It is also a Canadian registered vehicle and it needs to be naturalized to the US unless a Canadian would like to acquire it.

With children and two family cars this vehicle isn’t being used to it’s fullest. It wants to make people smile and continue to serve as an activation portal.

The creativity and technical proficiency of the OwnTheDoge community could be a portal to this next chapter in the cars journey.

I am asking for 11.11 ETH and will support and facilitate the cars next chapter to the best of my abilities.

What do you think? What would you do to activate this car and bring the message of Do Only Good Everyday those it reaches?


this would be interesting as an auction me thinks