Chainvine Widget for Disbursing $DOG Rewards

Chainvine Widget for Disbursing $DOG Rewards

I requested that Chainvine customize their current referral widget to accommodate a learn to earn model spearheaded by Own The Doge and these were their responses.

“Hi Smoke, we’ve finished the scoping and have a solution that fits your needs. (Upon approval from the DAO) we’ll move forward with our admin portal attached below, database, our enhanced widget and automated payments via a gnosis safe.” -Jamie MacMillan

“For you and your team we’re providing the widget, admin portal, and world class chainvine experience complete with legendary :slight_smile: support for that which is going to save you buckets of time both upfront and ongoing and will enable you to communicate to users what they’ve completed and accept rewards for them. For some of those things we’ll list on chain and for some you’ll be pinging our SDK that it’s completed.” - Bryan (Altmbr)

Grant Requested

For this we’ll need an up front commitment of 2 ETH for 6 months of integration support

Plan & Timeline

We will have two phases of implementation for the widget as we build out the additional functionality.

Phase 1: (2-3 days integration time, ready to start in 2-3 weeks)

  • walkthrough of integrations

  • integrating the widget

  • integrating the Chainvine SDK to handle loyalty custom events around: video consumption events, governance events

Phase 2: (4-6 days integration time, ready in a month)

  • integrating new Chainvine SDK functionality

  • resolving custom-off-chain referral requirements from Ownthedoge’s systems

  • integrating requirements-gating functionality into Ownthedoge’s application

In what ways will this proposal directly benefit the OTD community?

This will benefit the community significantly as it will enhance onboarding as well as retention by facilitating the disbursement of $DOG rewards (or Pixels etc in the future) to members who complete Learn to Earn tasks throughout our website; Moving forward bounties or custom use cases could be implemented using this tool.

Can you receive payment in installments or do you need the full budget up front?

The Chainvine team will need this budget up front.

Meet the Team

Altmbr- Founder [@chainvine_xyz] (

Jamie MacMillan- developer [@chainvine_xyz] (

Jean-Louis Murphy- developer [@chainvine_xyz] (

Notes: After multiple meetings with the Chainvine team and with the approval of both Opti and Gainor who are planning and implementing the learn to earn system on our end, I am confident that this widget will be effective.

Attached is a link to figma demonstrating a mockup of the basic flow of the learn to earn initiative created by Opti as well as a view of the Chainvine admin panel and a mockup of the custom widget we seek to implement.



We really need to improve educational onboarding due to the complexity of the project, I love this idea to tie in incentives. I support this proposal.

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I think this is a great idea! Would be awesome to have referrals!


ETH is sparse in the treasury - can we pay in DOG with/without vest?

Overall, LOVE the idea of empowering DOG holders with incentives to refer their frens.

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Smoke this is awesome! I haven’t heard of them before but I’m going to check it out.

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$DOG without vest is very doable imo, so glad you love it :two_hearts:

Awesome thanks Rach; I think if approved this will be a great solution for automating $DOG rewards

love this! I think it is an essential tool for increasing community participation and making the DAO self governed

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Yep, lfd. Sounds good to me.

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Sounds great, I think this would be great to have for any crypto project especially OTD!