DAGT Weekly Pixel Giveaway+

We have run a Twitter Spaces space for DogeFam for 69+12 weeks and are looking for support for ongoing contests and continued growth for a safe place for Frens to hang out for around 6 hours weekly on average on Friday nights starting at 6PM PST.

We not only onboard people to crypto in general, introduce them to Doge but have currently for 6+ weeks onboarded new Frens to $dog and owning a pixel, walking them through mints in spaces live too so that others can learn how at the same time.

We’re looking for about 5 pixels weekly to continue and grow the fun. Ideas welcome!


Love this proposal and the DAGT team!

Whats your background DJ Doge? Were you ever a DJ?

If you could estimate how many people join each week what would it be?

Each week do you give it to same people or do you have rules to only attract new holders.


I was actually a radio DJ in my first career, yes. Currently in e-commerce management, digital advertising/ppc marketing. The space averages about 300 people strolling through to listen and 35-50 speakers, avg 15-20 performers.

We do limit pixel/$dog winners to only once per person because we do have regulars who steal the show and win first place a couple times weeks apart!

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dj doge! big fan. i know dk loves your show and is a long-time listener.

curious to understand how the 5 pixels per week will help grow the Own The Doge community.

some Qs:

  • how many new pixel holders would be created every week?
  • how would you define your listener personas?
  • what’s your average weekly reach?
  • what would you expect the outcome would be at the end of one month?

I know you’ve also been giving away around 1 pixel per week - would be cool to hear more about that activation, how long its been running, results, etc

thank you ser! looking forward to hearing more. feel free to share any details, metrics you have.


3/5 of the pixels will be given hosts, and we’ll have a minimum and up to 2 giveaways per week on average. The 5th floating will be used to cover tx and gas costs as we also send $ETH along with $dog for a seamless minting process. I personally have hosted three or four spaces and will continue to do these to walk new holders through the minting process live.

The audience ranges from those interested in Crypto to those who’ve never heard of Dogecoin. We introduce them to both Doge, blockchain tech and the $dog ecosystem and help them quickly gain a clear understanding of each.

Our current metrics are typically around 250 listeners through the 4+ hours and around 20 participants. We hope to continue to onboard a minimum of 1-2 new members to OwnTheDoge weekly. We have yet to have a winner liquidate $dog, all but one has minted as of today with about 8 weeks running.

As we grow we are branching out to other communities that share the same music and poetry interests and are meeting amazing people from all over the world. As we introduce Frens to Dogely ways we expect the outcome to produce a minimum of 4 and up to 8 new OwnTheDoge pixel holders per month. We promote OwnTheDoge on our collective feeds and will increase the frequency a bit. We’ve also attracted buyers and new interested parties which is a side affect and benefit.


I love that you dropped a proposal!

When you give pixels away, do most people become community members instantly? Do we need a better onboarding system when someone does grab a pixel to know what they can do next in the community?

And because you’re always looking to give pixels to someone new, does that increase the amount of new listeners/participants to grab a pixel? Does it onboard them to ethereum for the first time? I’m hoping there is still some benefit to your side as well (that giveaways contributes to growing your project/reach/following).


Yes, great questions! We onboard someone new every week and it’s normally next day, Saturday. I imagine that at least 25% so far are first time NFT owners too based on the level of help they’ve required, that’s been exciting! A lot new to crypto in general so we have taken an education role at same time to assure their comfort in minting and then entering into DC etc to enjoy the ecosystem benefits.

At the same time we are finding new Frens to grow our fam with, new people show up and come back every week, we hope to expand that with your support!

As for new onboarding SOP, It would be good to perhaps have a space a week to discuss pixels, how to mint, perks, how to get into DC etc. open to ideas.

The benefit for us is to grow the weekly reach and spread the message of Doge more, plus we’ll have some pixels to HODL or give away ourselves too.


I love this proposal and want to see it actioned :slight_smile:

Appreciate what you do for Doge fam, CT, and the world in general!


Love this idea, I think there is a lot of untapped potential between Own the Doge & DAGT, I would love to see a monthly Discord exclusive DAGT event or additional activations to further mesh our communities together.


That’s an amazing idea, Smoke!:fire:


I want to see what ideas you’ll come up with while building your brand and the memestate acquired :fire: Would love to align my passport proposal to work with y’all…like a Stubs card or attendance record like a POAP -but without the need for minting :thinking: