Doge Fashion: Unleashing Luxury in the Crypto World


Catchy Title & Tagline: “Doge Fashion: Unleashing Luxury in the Crypto World” Elevate Your Style, Embrace the Doge.

Elevator Pitch:

Hi everyone, I don’t think anybody here knows me, but my name is Case Pollard and I am the Strategy and Development lead from Atomsk Group. We work with early-stage high-end designers in the avant-garde space. Our main focus is consulting services to set up scalable hybrid production methods that allows the small designers grow the production end of their business.

As Papajohn56 said, Doge merch sucks. I was approached by a few members of this DAO for some thoughts on what could be done in this space. Overall, I think there is an opportunity for some pretty interesting, buzz generating fashion positioned merch that could amplify the recognition of the Own The Doge brand and increase the utility and adoption of the DOG token. Intertwining crypto with high-end fashion hasn’t really been done yet, so opportunity to work on a movement in the luxury fashion space caught our attention.

But to do this, we have a lot of questions we need to answer first:

  • What research needs to be done to ensure viability of anything produced
  • What markets should we tap – If you try to hit all of them, you end up hitting none, so lets make sure we make the right call
  • What method should we use to produce and release the items

I’m all for jumping in and making something, but without consensus on the above questions, some research might be in order.

Here is a report that lays out the recommended strategy and respective options in more detail.

Grant Amount Requested: Variable - depending on the depth and extent of research. Estimation can be refined post-project selection. Let’s talk about what we can do, what we can skip, and the exact approach that should be taken, if taken at all. For the sake of transparency, we use an estimate of $200 per billable hour to come up with our prices, depending of the specific services required we adjust from there. The full research items in the attached document would total around 80 hours – but even personally, I cannot recommend every item as something that is needed. But the whole point of this post is to discuss it.

If you would like to skip the research and just jump into getting the items made, I’m not opposed to that and can start pricing out for the final proposal.

KPIs: TBD - KPIs will be established once a specific project direction is selected, ensuring alignment with overall goals.

Meet the Team

Under a technicality I am the owner of Atomsk Group, a fashion production consulting company. However, we function as a flat organization and make decisions collectively – similar to a DAO. My personal background before fashion is heavily in International Supply Chain Management with right around 10 years of experience in that space including extensive experience in sourcing, B2B sales, LTL, and supply chain engineering.

Our team consists currently of 4 core members and an intern. Additionally, we have 7 or so key collaborators we work with depending on the project. Generally, for projects we do a mix of direct work and subcontracting. Our general process after we have the requirements involves us going through an Oceans 11 style ‘Building the Team’ cutscene. After we have everyone on board with availability, we get everything finalized and get on our way. Evey member of our team and most of our subcontractors are all weird fashion nerds who, for better or for worse, stick out in a crowd.

Our mission statement:

“Originating from the heart of avant-garde fashion, we recognized the unique challenges faced by emerging designers, especially the business hurdles overshadowing their creative potential. Our mission revolves around fostering these audacious brands, enabling them to define their space in the fashion industry without the typical financial burdens or constraints from major corporations. With over ten years in avant-garde fashion and a distinctive aptitude in Hybrid Production, we equip brands with strategies for sustainable growth, ensuring their resilience against common pitfalls that hinder early-stage entities.”


  1. Market Analysis: Comprehensive research to understand the potential of high-end fashion in the crypto world, identifying market gaps and opportunities.
  2. Project Selection: Based on preliminary findings, we’ll zero in on the most promising avenue, ensuring alignment with the Own The Doge ethos.
  3. Partnerships & Collaborations: Explore potential collaborations with major fashion designers or pursue independent designs that best represent the Doge culture.
  4. Branding & Positioning: Position Doge Couture as the epitome of luxury in the crypto space, leveraging marketing strategies to drive awareness and adoption.
  5. Sales Strategy: Utilizing direct-to-customer channels for faster roll-out, while also considering wholesale options for broader reach.


  • Budget Breakdown: Cost structures will be dependent on the chosen project. For reference, in high-end fashion:
    • Direct-to-customer: Approximated retail pricing is 3-4 times the production cost.
    • Wholesale: Around 2.2 times the cost.
    • Note: These are ballpark figures, as prices usually reflect market demand.
    • Examples – For a retail product of $500 sold through a wholesale channel, you can expect a gross profit around $110 before overhead. For a direct to customer channel you can expect around $390 before overhead.
  • Revenue Element: Yes, through sales of the high-end Doge merchandise.
    • This would be a lower volume, higher margin venture compared to general merchandise.
  • Charity Percentage: A portion of the proceeds will be directed towards a DAO-chosen charity, underpinning our commitment to the community and social responsibility.
  • Payment Structure: Preferably in installments, aligned with project milestones.


  1. Research Phase: 3-4 weeks for a comprehensive analysis.
  2. Product Development: Depending on the approach:
  • Large designers & collaborations: 6 months for product development, including sampling and presentation prep. An additional 6 months from presentation to customer delivery.
  • Direct-to-customer (independent designers): Approximately 3-6 months from concept inception to customer availability.

Contact Info


Hi Case!

Great write-up, I’ve also checked the presentation looks very noice!

I had a few notes:

  1. In terms of feasibility, we’ve just passed the John Monarch Merch proposal, which will include
    -some- of the elements you’ve opted in.

  2. For prior work, do you guys have any portfolio, case studies or other work we can look into? Happy to sign NDA’s and what not necessary.

  3. Who are the team members? Would love to meet the bunch and see their past things they did.

That’s all for now.

  • Ellio

Hey Case thanks for thinking of us and dropping this proposal; We recently passed a proposal that I can see you are familiar with where John Monarch will be spearheading our merch store and I will be advising him. I would love to hear more about what you do as well as John’s perspective on how this could be intertwined into the current structure or if this is a consideration for the next stage of our store. If you would like to jump on a call Im happy to do so. Thanks again for taking the time to draft this proposal, and engage in The Doge DAO. I look forward to speaking with you and your team.

Hi Smoke, getting on a call would be a good idea, I am a little busy this week with prep for NYFW but I should have time on the later half of next week.

There is definitely a lot of overlap in the research that could be done to narrow down merchandise items and ideas. If we can take out two birds with one stone that is always advisable. There might even be a sequential play here. If a route with designers and manufacturing is taken then we are looking a decent length of time before a collection or micro-drop, that would give some time for some learnings from general merch.

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Hi Elliot,

We would be happy to share some of our current work! No need for NDA’s as this point luckily since I can share the stuff that we are ourselves not under NDA’s on (which isn’t that many projects anyways). Although for some reputational reasons I shouldn’t be posting the brands getting assistance. So that would probably be best for a call.

That would also be a good time to introduce the team! Tentatively, the team for the research stage would be Myself and Faith, our marketing specialist. Potentially will be adding another.

Hey Case,
This is a great proposal and we’d love to work with you at some point; for now we have maxed out our bandwidth though. We’re exploring John’s proposal first while getting everything ready for Doge Day - we’ll circle back to you afterwards :slight_smile: