Doge-Themed Parody of Daddy Yankee's Gasolina

Hello, I am Rito Rhymes, an expert parody lyricist and serious recording artist with experience in creating high-quality, entertaining songs. I have collaborated with notable vocalists like Eline Vera (known for her celebrity singer impressions and parody music videos) and Myah Marie (best known as a background singer for Britney Spears in numerous hits in the 2010s). You can hear samples of some of my parody works here including a Dogecoin-themed Snoop parody of What’s My Name:

I propose creating a Spanish-language parody of Daddy Yankee’s iconic song, Gasolina, themed around Doge memes. The goal of this project is to expand the appeal of the Doge meme to cross-cultural audiences, particularly Spanish-speaking communities, and increase its popularity.

The final product will be a high-quality, fun, light-hearted, and family-friendly song that the Doge community can enjoy, share and celebrate across the world with the iconic-likeness of the original Gasolina. I will license the instrumental in perpetuity via to avoid any issues with the original song’s publisher (you can hear how it sounds in the hyperlink). I am open to feedback and preferences of specific content to include for the song as well as insights on best ways to convey certain things in Spanish, but ultimately you would be trusting me with the final creative output. As you can hear from my samples, you’re in great hands; I will create a song that is acceptable and usable for engaging and attracting cross-cultural attention to the Doge meme.

I will perform the lead vocals myself and will hire (or if someone in the Doge community might volunteer instead) a female vocalist to perform her portion of the chorus. I am not a fluent Spanish speaker but have a basic competence and am actively learning the language and have friends and other resources whom are fluent speakers who can help lend insight into optimal lyrics that I will be responsible for coordinating.

I am asking for .69 ETH, somewhere over a thousand dollars depending on the day. The budget will cover:

-Booking studio time with skilled audio engineers for recording, mixing, and mastering (I don’t do bedroom productions).

-Hiring a talented female vocalist for the chorus.

-Licensing the karaoke version of Gasolina in perpetuity.

-Compensation for my time spent on writing, recording, procuring, and coordinating the entire production.

-Any additional expenses involved in Spanish-speaking lyrical consultation.

I aim to complete this project within 2-3 months delivering a catchy, viral-worthy song that can potentially attract a new demographic to the Doge community and showcase the fun, lighthearted nature of the meme.

I would like to maintain non-exclusive ownership of the song, with my name credited as the creator. This arrangement allows the Doge community to freely use the song for non-commercial purposes without needing to pay any fees to me. However, if the song is used for commercial purposes or generates any revenue, I kindly request a 50% share of the monetization or royalties. This ensures that we can mutually benefit from the song’s success while still promoting its use and enjoyment within the community. The other 50% would be owned by the community or organization, allowing for shared ownership and benefits.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Doge community and create a memorable, cross-cultural hit that celebrates the iconic Doge meme!


I think it’s a great idea! I know nothing about royalties and stuff so I’ll skip on that. If you could incorporate dogecoin, memes, and the doge nft in all of it i think it’d be dope. You make great parodies too.

This is an interesting proposal for sure. We have spoken for a long time about creating a feature length Doge album with the help of the DAGT team & I think with your talent you would be a perfect fit to be featured there

Well OwnTheDoge would be welcomed to include the track in a feature length album if desired as part owner. I’m open to also producing more songs in the future (I have plenty Doge ones in mind), but before considering commitment to a larger scope of tracks, I’d like us to have a track record of AT LEAST 1 production under our belt to build trust in the process between us. In focusing on this one song by itself that I aim to create, where do we stand and what are the next steps for financing its production?

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we always need to see the money asked for in USD / $DOG amounts and it would be paid out in $DOG not ETH

Gotcha. I would ask for $1,500.
Costs I expect would be as follows:
-License to use the high quality karaoke instrumental is about $100
-Getting the female vocals for the chorus, $100-$200
-This would be the main expense, I estimate between 7-10 hours of studio time with an engineer for recording, mixing and mastering. I’m pretty efficient at recording but I’ve also never recorded a song in Spanish so I won’t assume it will be a cake walk. I often record/mix at either Spicehouse Sound in Philly or Brewery in Brooklyn (sometimes using both together for a song), rates ranging between $80-135 an hour.
-I would pocket what’s left over from the budget, I’d expect to take home about $500 if all the above go smoothly, if not smoothly then I would eat the cost for additional expenses.