Educational Empowerment Tour: Coding & Trading Advancement in Africa

Objective: Our mission is to narrow educational disparities, propel technological growth, and equip the younger generation with pivotal coding and trading proficiencies.

Strategies & Approach:

  1. Empowerment through Education:
  • Offer in-depth coding modules to instill foundational programming expertise.
  • Deliver top-tier trading instruction by seasoned professionals to bolster financial acumen.
  1. Regional Outreach:
  • Host workshops and seminars in pivotal African cities.
  • Forge partnerships with local educational entities and financial bodies for a comprehensive reach.
  1. Skills Augmentation:
  • Emphasize hands-on coding applications, fostering real-world project creation.
  • Provide pragmatic trading education, enhancing decision-making acumen through simulated exercises.
  1. Tour Blueprint:
  • Coding Workshops: Comprehensive lessons and project-based learning, in tandem with local coding communities.
  • Trading Sessions: Introduce trading principles with a focus on risk management and technical analysis.
  1. Educational Collaborations:
  • Foster integrations of our courses with local curricula, featuring industry expert contributions.
  1. Anticipated Outcomes:
  • Enhanced Expertise: Elevate coding proficiency, paving the way for tech-driven innovations.
  • Augment financial understanding, enabling active participation in dynamic markets.
  1. Community Cohesion:
  • Cultivate a collaborative ethos among participants, vital for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Market Tour Financial Overview:

  • Abuja: 3,000 USDT
  • Ghana: 3,000 USDT
  • South Africa: 3,000 USDT
  • Kenya: 3,000 USDT

Creating maximum awareness for Trading, NFTs, and Technical skills:

  • Trading Competition
  • Technical Skills Training for 3 months
  • Professional Mentorship for 3 months
  • Payment of tutors
  • Laptops Giveaway; for those who are not able to afford laptops
  • Funding of Trading Accounts to kickstart trading their training journey

Budget for the above: ~ 12,000 USDT

Representative Travel Expenses: 6,000 USDT
Covering sustenance, and event logistics

Total Budget: ~ 30,000 USDT

About Us:
We proudly represent Coinstore, a leading centralized exchange that has rapidly expanded across multiple continents, with a user base exceeding 5.2 million. Our unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and collaboration positions us as a key player in the global crypto landscape. Partnering with Coinstore ensures access to a vast, diverse community keen on exploration and innovation.

Our track record speaks for itself, as evidenced by the accolades and testimonials from our esteemed partners. We are keen to collaborate, innovate, and make a lasting impact on the African educational horizon.

Contact details:


I’d like to see a much more detailed plan and optimized budget but I definitely see value in helping the youth of Africa learn to code.

Hi @Smoke

Happy holidays to you and the team!

It is our goal to provide comprehensive training to a minimum of 3,000 Africans, focusing on technical skills, NFT expertise, and trading proficiency. These courses will cover a range of topics essential to the Crypto industry:

  1. Frontend Development: This course is crucial as it directly influences user experience, interfaces with blockchain technology, supports tokenization, and integrates with wallets. It also facilitates dApp development, aligning with the industry’s focus on emerging technologies.

  2. Backend Development: This course is essential for creating smart contracts, integrating with blockchain technology, implementing security measures, ensuring scalability and performance optimization, developing APIs, and managing data effectively.

  3. UI and UX Design: This course is vital for creating user-friendly, trustworthy, and secure interfaces tailored to the unique needs of Crypto products and services. Well-designed UI/UX can drive user adoption, differentiate products, ensure compliance, and contribute to overall project success.

  4. Product Management: This course is crucial for navigating the complexities of Crypto projects, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape, understanding user needs and market dynamics, ensuring regulatory compliance, prioritizing security and trust, engaging with communities, and managing partnerships and ecosystems.

  5. Data Analysis: This course is essential for understanding market dynamics, managing risks, valuing cryptocurrencies, analyzing blockchain data, developing trading strategies, measuring performance, and making informed business decisions.

The training and mentorship program will run for six months and include a laptop giveaway for participants who cannot afford them. Marketing campaigns will be conducted, and participants will receive certificates and recognition upon completion. Training competitions will also be organized, and participants’ trading accounts will be funded to kick-start their trading journey.

To ensure the success of these initiatives, a professional representative will be flown in to handle logistics and event management, relieving DOGENFT of these responsibilities.

For a detailed course outline, please refer to the following document: NFT Doge - Google Docs


Let’s sync up to talk this out in more detail; The course outline looks good but I have been told that after the first 3 classes, students need a pc to be able to participate so I would want more clear numbers there to determine what’s realistic


Hey smoke,

Thanks for the reply!

We are considering providing 10 laptops to tech enthusiasts in Africa who are eager to start a tech career but cannot afford laptops, and are passionate about kickstarting their journey.

The cost of one laptop is approximately $600, resulting in a total of $6000 for 10 laptops.

If you are considering offering more laptops, we can reallocate resources by reducing the number of physical events across Africa or eliminating funding for the trading accounts of crypto enthusiasts.

However, please be aware that we are not solely focusing on coding but also on other tech skills such as product management, UI&UX design, and data analysis.

Also considering us having a meeting to talk this through, what about Friday 3:30PM EST?

Or you could book a more convenient time on my calendar here : Book a time here

Looking forward to your reply!

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Sure lets meet this coming week to discuss further

We should help as many as possible, particularly in Africa.

Basic necessities, not trivial coding…

this is a cool idea

the trouble i have is not having a doge giving program (something we could create) that’s proven, verified, and aligned with our doge ethos – i.e. i don’t know if this program has been used before, works, etc – take Our Top Charities | GiveWell for example and they do deep, comprehensive analysis

that’s a really big budget w/o much proof it will work or a clear tie back to Own The Doge

so worth discussing further and understand how we could Do Only Good Everyday (D.O.G.E.) in the most effective way possible helping the most people


Hello @tridog @lachlanbeaton

"We have been in discussions, closing in on a deal with Smoke for months now, and we are very optimistic about finalizing it this month.

Regarding basic necessities, I am African myself, and I believe it’s far better to empower Africans with digital skills than just providing them with basic amenities like food, which they may finish in a few days. Empowering them will enable them to provide for themselves, their families, and empower their communities.

I just spoke to the team, and here are some of the agreements:

  1. Coinstore will contribute the same amount and provide resources such as manpower and materials to this initiative.
  2. We will collaborate in holding events in four countries. You can find more information in our previous message.
  3. We will accept sponsors for these events from other projects.
  4. Donations can be made in the form of pay-what-you-want for charity (Do Only Good Everyday - D.O.G.E.).
  5. Participants attending the event will be asked to create and draw several images of Doge, with winners receiving prizes.
  6. We aim to get a street named after THE DOGE NFT in Nigeria (Do Only Good Everyday - D.O.G.E.).
  7. We will be training 500 Africans in five different tech skills, aside from coding. You can visit our previous messages for more information.

We will maintain the price at 30k as we plan to visit four countries in Africa, providing laptops, sponsoring tech scholarships, and more."

i think that budget is going to be too high for DIC

Hi @tridog

We appreciate the honest feedback.

This 30K USDT budget includes all logistics, event set-up, sourcing of professional trainers including transport of flights, meals and extensive marketing promotion of this event.

Binance has also recently confirmed to be working with the Tinubu government to block dollar-naira exchange due to users behaving in a manipulative way. This actually provides Coinstore a huge opportunity in terms of building a P2P for Nigerian market which allows us to gain an approximately 80 million users and trade - considering 90% of the youth between 20 to 40 years old are using Binance.

Organising this event with us will provide a good initiative and kick-start to train and further increase at least 500 Africans on the different essential tech skills aside from coding. This also ensures that our training to these new Africans are firmed to ensure that they are aware on how to do proper trading without any form of manipulative measures.

I do believe how important building the community is for a DAO project. And from this event in addition to our network and resources, this event would definitely bring more African users to your community and further increase your branding in the industry as a DAO.

We are taking this opportunity to further penetrate into the Africa market by utilising our available on/off-ramp, to acquire most of the African traders and community members to be involved in the quality projects we work with.

You can find reference link to the article here: Binance confirms working with Tinubu govt to block dollar-naira exchange

We sincerely hope that this is something Doge and Coinstore can be aligned with for the future of Crypto and DAOs.