The Doge NFT X Coinstore - Partnership Proposal

Dear The Doge NFT Team,

I am Vatikan, the Business Development Manager at SFA-registered cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. I have been researching The Doge NFT and believe that we have the potential to collaborate on Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), listing, market making, and marketing.

I am writing to let you know that Coinstore recently obtained a license from the Indonesian Authority. If you are interested in expanding your community in Indonesia, which has a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we can help you establish a legal presence in the market. Coinstore serves as a bridge for foreign projects looking to enter the Indonesian market and ensure their legal presence. For example, if you are listed on our platform and want to hold a cryptocurrency event or seminar in Indonesia, we can provide consultation and connect you with the Indonesian Authority to ensure everything is legal.

Would it be possible to schedule a 10-minute presentation with the CEO or the team member responsible for these matters? Please use link below to select a convenient time, and let’s begin the conversation.

I look forward to your response. Thank you

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ty for your offering - you can email the team at