Elect all 4 intl msig candidates?

we had a great turnout for our intl msig election

i was impressed by all the candidates

there are still 2 more spots on the msig to effectively represent our international community

what if we brought on all 4 msig candidates instead of just the 2?



if there’s interest we could put this forward as a snapshot vote

OR we could continue with another election in a few weeks

curious about the community’s thots


I’m a fan of all 4 of the original candidates

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im a fan of all 4, im debating if we run another election for 2 more seats, or if we do a snapshot just to add the 2 additional? I am leaning towards hosting another election for 2.

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I’m also a fan of all 4. I think our goal is to have 2 more by the end of the year so it seems like the other two (DeFi Ted and Opti Intern) would be frontrunners regardless.

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I like the idea of having an additional election for the remaining two. I would be surprised if it didnt end up being these 4 in the end, but it sets the best precedent imo.

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