DAOge Candidate - shaqslo

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For me it means deeper involvment in the community, accepting more responsibility, while learning about behind the scenes.
I have been following closely The Doge NFT community for almost a year now, I must say I enjoy it immensly. Everyone is super nice and such a positive vibes all around. Not taking things too seriously, while actually helping others is something I can easily identify with. I am not involved in any other project, this also has to do with limited time in a day one has, but really I do not have any need to be. I love it here and will stay regardless. And the whole concept just makes sense - 1 pixel will always be 1 pixel of the most iconic picture of the new age!

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Long time lurker, rarely poster. This is kinda the theme from my older days until now. I always liked to follow and watch how the discussions went and things unfold, without realizing that I am also part of it. This is slowly changing now.
My time on the internet goes back to 2005, but it really began in 2008 when I discovered 4chan. Back then the longcat was looong, Milhouse wasn’t a meme and trolls were green creatures with yellow horns. On my quest to download the internet via pictures, I learned a lot and really broadend my horizon. If I have to make 2 main takeaways are these:
- never take internet (too) seriously
- question everything
This helped me navigate the surface, and influenced heavily on my life. Stayed there for good 10 years. :smiley:
I believe those experiences, together with last 3 years of following crypto more closely will help me in the new role. With my pragmatic approach I want to be seen as reliable, trustworthy and stable member of the DAOge multisig!

Anything else you would like to share?
Lisa watch out!

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thx for yer app ser!

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what other communities are you involved with? how can we give doge an edge in web3?

Hi there!

Beside ownthedoge I am also involved in Krypto Knights, which is little community set by one and only Reznik Tetsuo. Bih shoutout to him, he introduced $DOG at the very beginning to us, and thanks to him I came across you guys and decided to stay. This community basically took me in for the ride from start of 2021. Quite the ride it has been!

I also like FastFoodFrens from Eliot. Proof obviously being collaboration with ownthedoge, my profile pricture from Fast Food Doges collection. I like the silliness of the whole concept “fry or die” being the mantra and that the fryer will always be there for you <3. Elliot is atm in some cat business, but I am sure FFF will return.

Our community and $DOG itself already has the biggest edge it can be. The meme itself! The original picture! Original art! I is just the matter of time it gets caught on. We are giving what we can and I believe we are doing the great job. Pushing the narritive of of the meme, while incorporating all important good deeds and care for others. This is very important. Then I think we should evolve connection with $DOGE community because they are massive and will surely help with recognition. #bronzethedoge is the great example! The end game would be to escaping being labeled as “meme coin” but rather being recognised as “coined meme”. Which is art. Which is us.

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