DAOge Candidate - Shubh

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I am a doge fan, I came across ownthedoge and its fantastic community and now I am a DOG fan. DAOge has always been different in its approach to things- the lightheartedness, memeyness, fun atmosphere and wild horizons of creativity which has always attracted me.

I love being a part of the team, I love experiencing all behind the scenes, I love to learn from the best people in this space and now I wish to further my participation, learning and knowledge by getting on the DAOge multisigners.

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
I am a copy-woofer for ownthedoge. I write our Medium articles, draft tweets, take Dog Standup notes and make amateur graphics and memes. I play an active role in Barketing/ Community activities and manage the behind-the-scenes of our Woof Weeklys.
Here is my latest Medium article-
Borkday Events (#2WeeksofWOW) planned by me- https://twitter.com/ownthedoge/status/1571934521267990529?s=20&t=zyozXGSXhxYaWhCIEn2tRw

Previously, I used to hunt bounties which helped me connect w/ communities like Beanstalk, Braintrust, Threshold, Emanate, xBacked, Olympus, etc.
Bounty Hunting profile-
mustbeshubh.eth - Layer3

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nottyboy420 / mustbeshubh


ty for ur app fren - how do you manage security on your end?

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hey ser, gm
To manage security, I avoid opening suspicious links. I do not connect my main wallet to unknown websites. I use side wallets to check trustability. I only keep required assets in my wallets and savings go in cold storage. To enhance my Opsec, I am learning about ledgers and do not hesitate to take assistance from frens in the community (w/o sharing my seed phrase with them lol xD).