DAOge Candidate - Daogeshi

What is your name? This can be a real name or web3 identity.

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Why do you want to be a DAOge multisigner? (please write a few sentences)
I’m interested to dive deeper into the Doge-verse, to contribute with what my energy and effort can offer and deepen my connections with others within our community.

All that I’ve so far done within our sphere has been very socially rewarding, it’s given unexpected experiences and a deepening appreciation for what this society and network that is forming will create for many-many more in the times to come.

Becoming a DAOge multisigner, as I’ve come to learn, gives the opportunity to strengthen ones bond with our microverse and at the same time the web3 macroverse and I’m definitely up for that!

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
I’m a good writer, I’m a fast learner, I’m an entrepreneur who loves innovation and experimentation.

I work both with my own company and insurances which forces me to think on my feet and create quick solutions when unsuspecting situations or problems present themselves. The outcomes when I arrive at the other side of these hurdles have by my colleagues and business connections as a rule been very positive and rewarding.

My company has given me and is still giving me valuable experience within the product development field, sales, copywriting, logistics and business overall. I follow the idea of lifelong learning and strive to continuously improve myself and those who experience that what I contribute with can make a difference for them as well.

My past academic studies were at the University of Gothenburg where I studied the History of Ideas and Learning in tandem with Political science focused on the European Union, I’m yet to finish my dissertation due to both work and other engagements growing to a point where they became my main priorities before I finished my bachelor degree in Political science (I’ll likely complete it, when the time is ripe, adding its “stamp of approval” to my CV)

Apart from this I’ve been diving deep, head first, into the web3 universe recent year and before this I was an active Bitcoin miner back in 2012 and first bought Dogecoin 2014 (during my time as a poor and broke student, mostly as a joke).

At times I explored and used 4chan by myself or facing its unexpected horrors with friends in my early teens. Reddit when it started to kick off. Now just like then wherever my curiosity brings me.

Anything else you would like to share?

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Dàogeshi :dog:#3432

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ty for your application ll

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Just want to add that I use a HW wallet (Ledger) for my transactions, to ensure higher security.


Thank you for reading ser :heart::four_leaf_clover:

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