DAOge Candidate - roger bock

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roger bock

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Because I love Doge, pixel the whole concept. I am also an early supporter and holder. I do trust in Doge and I want to support Doge more in the future and be involved.

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
I have University degrees in business & administration (USA) and medicine (Germany). I work for one of the biggest financial services. After a successful career I dropped out - didn’t want to wear a suit anymore - and founded my own company which I am running successfully, clients have been e.g. Tiffany’s, Sheraton etc. https://www.scatoladifiori.com. With my wife I am running a communication agency web2 > web3: https://www.bockcommunications.com/ I am an early BTC/NFT enthusiast and adopter. Furthermore I am advisor for GossApe Girl NFT https://gossapegirl.com/ and Doge Academy https://www.thedogeacademy.com/ Last but not least in doge we trust :slight_smile: THX

Anything else you would like to share?
Freedom of speech and education makes the world a better place. WAGMI

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ty for you app ser - have you ever been a msig before? (not a disqualifier, just curious your experience around DAO ops)


GM :coffee: from Europe, yes I have :slight_smile: