DAOge Candidate - Opti Intern

What is your name? This can be a real name or web3 identity.
Opti Intern/ 0xPrey

Are you a US citizen?

Why do you want to be a DAOge multisigner? (please write a few sentences)
I love being a part of the Doge NFT project and would like to increase my participance in its governance.

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
> Defi farmer since YFI summer
> Bachelors Degree(Biology)
> Worked as Defi analyst for a trading firm based in Australia
> Great Opsec skills
> I own multiple Ledgers and can dedicate on to the multi-sig wallet.
> I make a lot of content for The Doge NFT Twitter
> Degen score of 370

Portfolio website (In prog) - React App

Anything else you would like to share?
I like the Doge

What is your Discourse handle?

What is your Discord handle? (include #)
Optimistic intern#6257

What is your Twitter handle?


ty for your application ser drop bear