DAOge Candidate - DeFi Ted

What is your name? This can be a real name or web3 identity.
DeFi Ted

Are you a US citizen?

Why do you want to be a DAOge multisigner? (please write a few sentences)
PleasrDAO member and founder, founder of ParagonsDAO. I am a sucker for governance and voting with tokens, moreso I am available for multisig signing and have experience. DAOGE is close to me cause it is everything we should be doing, Do Only Good Everyday. That is just a vibe I can get behind.

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
Worked in this space now for 3 years. Which is 21 dog years, so long time. Many msigs, ParagonsDAO, Sushi ones of note. Builder and contributor on multiple protocols.

Anything else you would like to share?
Did I mention I like weed

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DeFi Ted

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DeFi Ted (Bakes)#0367

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ty for your application fren