DAOge Candidate - 0xluden

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I am a D-OG since the very beginning because I love the doge itself. I love how Doge and its web3 presence is tied to silliness and the spirit of Do Only Good Everyday. That makes the majority of doge community focus on kindness, sharing and experimenting, instead of monetary gains like many other parts of the blockchain world. I believe this should be one of the pillars of the web3 future we should build towards.

To contribute to the cause, I’ve been exploring with the two biggest teams, Dogecoin Foundation and DAOge, and I find myself vibing with DAOge more. Becoming a multisigner is my next step of commitment to the community.

Please share your relevant areas of expertise (skills, past work, degrees, etc.) This can include links to any content you have created.
Mixed bag of game design/community management/game marketing over the past 10 years, casually exploring web3 since 2019 and taken a full time job in blockchain games for 1.5 years now. That means I know what fun is and how to make silly stuff work (probably).

I love writing educational twitter threads like this:

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There is one thing we must: In Doge we trust

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ty luden! glad you applied. looking forward to talking more.

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