Petition to rename the ticker to WOW


Why not DOG

  1. DOG is a derogatory slur in many cultures. It lacks character and in many ways strips away the spirit of the doge meme. It would be akin to making the Mona Lisa ticker PERSON or HUMAN.

  2. Its not memeable. Its just not fun sharing this ticker

  3. How am I supposed to send my gf $DOG and not have her slap me. WOW on the other hand would be met with much Omgoshness.

  4. Its a poor tipping ticker in just about any context outside of the DOG community. Imagine receiving a DOG tip from someone and not understanding the context. Most people would be offended.


  1. Its deeply rooted in the doge meme and culture

  2. It sounds amazing and conveys optimism, excitement and wowness

  3. Its the perfect tipping ticker. Someone helps you out. WOW much thanks!

  4. It captures the spirit of Kabosu and the doge meme

  5. Its infinitely memeable. Telling friends and family to buy DOG and explaining the concept sounds clinical and painful. Telling them to buy WOW sounds fun and whimsical

  6. Its also the name of one of the greatest games of all time duh!


Correct this abomination with haste and return Kabosu to her true WOWness



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ty @Cooper this is a great suggestion. my main concerns would be around confusion of changing ticker info across all dexs/listings/etc. as tokenomics lead ill ask @path his opinion.

I’d apreciate it if someone could dig up the original vote for the ticker. Before launch, PlearDAO had a discussion around what the token ticker would be. I was against DOG but it won the popular vote, and it has grown on me - I do think it is the right play to market it to the mainstream. That being said, it can be very confusing, especially when there are so many different names in this ecosystem. Fro example, our ticker is DOG, but the token name is The Doge NFT, but the brand & social media is called Own The Doge. And then the community DAO and the internal organization have names that have changed multiple times - it’s extremely confusing and I think we should overhaul it. I really like Own The Doge as a flat name for everything, but I am not sure we’d be able to change the ticker at this point in time because of technical reasons but also because we have already brought so much attention to it.

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i always thought that the ticker $DOG was actually one of the strenghts of the project, short sweet and easy to remember, im surprised to see some people thinking the opposite