Sandbox Land to host Lords of DogeTown


Proposal to purchase Sandbox land for Own the Doge primarily to host our Lords of DogeTown Sandbox Game.

A LAND is a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox metaverse that players can buy to build experiences on top of. Once you own a LAND, you will be able to populate it with Games and Assets. Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721).

Proposed use of the Pixel grant:

The grant would be used solely to purchase a plot of land in the Sandbox Metaverse primarily to host our game, but there are other valuable use cases as well that we could explore as a community, some of which are notated at the end of this proposal.

Estimated cost would be .92 ETH (+ gas) which is about $1,492.55 USD or about 1,700,284 $DOG


Purchasing land so that we can host our game year round is beneficial because it will provide a permanent home for the game which we funded through the Bark Tank for what was equivalent to $50,000 USD in $DOG at the time of grant approval; Land to ensure the game is live and playable is reasonably priced with a current value of less than $1500 USD.


Once a vote is brought live, if it passes, we can purchase the land immediately.

Additional Thoughts:

Other potential use cases for our land in addition to housing The Lords of DogeTown game are:

  • Doge Museum

  • Meme Hall of Fame

  • Digital Portal or Arcade Machine that leads to The Pixel Portal

  • Digital Hackathon or live metaverse event such as a BassJackers concert

One consideration if we decide to move forward with this proposal would be location;
The most cost effective option would be to buy the best plot of land available at or around the collection floor;

However, if we would like a location in a popular area next to celebrities, nightclubs, or venues with heavy traffic this should be attainable at a slight premium.

I think it may be advantageous for us to buy land soon before any big updates come out within the next couple of months;

Also only 1% of land is currently listed so if bullish news is released prices may quickly rise due to supply and demand.


100% love this idea. The sandbox activation helped us get a lot of traction and it’s awesome to get the game back running. Let’s SKATEboarrdd​:dog::skateboard:


Huge fan of sandbox and lords of dogetown. We need a permanent yard to play in…a pile of dirt to dig and things to poop on


I also support the idea. 50k was put into te game - which is awesome btw, I enjoyed it immensly - and the land is ofcourse the logical step forward. Time to really put us on the map!


This is a no brainer imo. Lessgo


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I think this is necessary to make sure that our past investment remains sustainable by having the game becoming a persistent part of Sandbox. I’m in favor!

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