Using optical Lithography pattern to create a nano-scale Doge medal

Hello everyone,

I work in a cleanroom and have access to a lot of cool instruments to build nanoscale patterns. I want to make a photomask of the shape of doge and use this to pattern photoresist on a silicon wafer. I will then etch the pattern to create a permanent structure on a silicon wafer. This physical artifact can then be sold to a Doge NFT holder or it could have its own derivative doge nft to be traded.

I need about 5000$ to complete this project and I can get it done in 3 weeks time. The 5000$ would be spent for:
500$ to pay my engineer for the process flow.
1000$ for the photomask
3000$ for the instrument usage costs
500$ for chemicals and consumables.

Let me know if you like this idea


This is very interesting, I would love to chat since we are ramping up our efforts in the scientific arena in this year.

What novel things would we be able to do with this Doge device if we were to fund It’s creation?

Could it be used in scientific research at some capacity?

As of now, this is more of a showpiece although there is a fair bit of engineering to it. But I can imagine creating a very useful doge based calibration scale for microscopist that can be very useful.
A project with similar functionality was once funded by kickstarter:
We can definitely brainstorm more of such ideas!

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interesting idea! would be curious to hear more thoughts on what we could do with this

filming a creation video would be essential

excited to hear more ideas on how to make creative projects like this really pop and tie back to OTD

So I wasn’t thinking of something with a clear scientific utility at this point, since that would need more rigorous plan and engineering.
Yes a creation video would really be the core attraction where we show how this works and how such technology is at the heart of nanofabrication for making silicon chips that run all things from processors to the gpus which mines crypto.
And then we can offer physical bits of the actual silicon wafer. Maybe there is a way to embed a private key in the chips so that people who hold the actual physical asset can have access to digital assets that can be unlocked with that key. I am not good with cryptography, so we would need someone to figure this key-sharing aspect in more details.

do you have any examples of project or videos you’ve done like this in the past?