Let's Throw a Global Pizza Party (Again)! -- REVISED

Does the great doge in the frame support throwing a global pizza party? Much fun? Very pizza?

We think throwing a global pizza party is very much in the spirit of Doing Only Good Every Day, so we propose placing Kabosu and OwnTheDoge as the central dog of PizzaDAO’s Global Pizza Party.

We’ve worked w/ Smoke to streamline the budget requested and she will work with us throughout to make sure we hit key metrics. See our global partner menu and host playbook (host.pizzadao.xyz) for more info on PizzaDAO’s Global Pizza Party.

Meet the Team

PizzaDAO is a global community of hackers, pizza enthusiasts, NFT creators, collectors, artists and rebels who believe in using crypto to make the world a better place.

PizzaDAO’s community is made up of new entrants to the industry and members who have been in the crypto space for years, including Nouns DAO members, CryptoPunk holders, Gitcoin KERNEL Fellows, and hackathon winners. PizzaDAO alumni now work on countless other projects in the crypto space, a direct result of our commitment to onboarding, education, and fun!


PizzaDAO wants to spread the love of Kabosu to all corners of the world on Bitcoin Pizza Day. We have events planned in over 150 cities across more than 70 countries, at which we’ll present Own The Doge as a premier partner, just like we did last year.

Additionally, we’ll send $DOG party kits to 25 cities. You can pick the 25 cities from our main city spreadsheet, https://parties.pizzadao.xyz (or let us know if you want to do one that’s not on there). We also propose bringing on real-life dog ambassadors in a few cities (send a $DOG bandana and hook them up with a QR dispenser to give out some $DOG on base). See a picture of our ambassador candidate for LA, Boogie, in the comments.

Additionally, PizzaDAO has commissioned a Doge x PizzaDAO pizza artwork to mint on Zora to commemorate the partnership (Smoke has a sneak peek she can share).


Pizza DAO is requesting a total of $6,942 to help fund the purchase of pizza and the mailing of $DOG Party Kits to party hosts. To execute this proposal we’re requesting the full budget upfront as funds will be spent directly on producing party kits and purchasing pizza at events. Here’s a full breakdown of the proposed budget:


May 2: Post Doge Zora Pizza mint to announce partnership

May 2: Order Kit Supplies

May 3: Confirm Kit Recipients

May 4: Ship Out Kits

May 5-13: Recruit $DOG ambassadors to attend parties in select cities (literal dogs)

May 14-21: Build buzz and get ready to party!

May 22: Itsa global pizza party!

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To date, PizzaDAO has given away over $750,000 worth of real, edible pizza in more than 75 countries. You might have eaten some during previous global pizza parties or at NFT.NYC, Art Basel Miami, NFT Paris, NFT Sydney, ETHDenver, ETH CC, Token 2049, SXSW, NFTLA, or one of the many smaller events we’ve supported.

  • Over 200,000 slices served

  • Over 500 pizzerias supported

  • Presence in 75+ countries

  • Thousands of people onboarded to web3

  • Over $750,000 of pizza given away!


Boogie, our potential $DOG ambassador for LA:


Very bullish on Pizza as a human right.

After we spoke, Snax has streamlined his budget ask and I think that this is an exciting growth initiative for Own The Doge but also extends into the charitable realm as a method of support for decentralized DAOs that facilitate global movements.


such wow, always bullish on Pizza!

I like this. I was wondering if we can add a step of posting on X/ Instagram for everyone who joins the Pizza party and tag us [@ownthedoge] for their free pizza. This is a good metric which will also help us analyse the impact of the grant.


The local organizers will tag @ownthedoge on twitter in their group photos + party announcements. Beyond that, maybe we could announce a giveaway for the best party photos to encourage great posts? There will be lots of $DOG gear at a bunch of the parties for them to use in photos

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Great ideas, we will put this up for vote on Tuesday

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we have some frens in LA