Ohio Train Derailment

a collection of NFT’s geared towards the train derailment in East Palestine, OH

I live within 40 miles of the event, I feel I could find the right charities to make a huge difference

We would use $dog to help provide for the local communities and charities current needs

Could be finished within 14 days


This is an interesting idea and the timing is right, I wonder what type of NFT would be popular?

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I’m picturing them being doge cleaning up the water, air, etc. doge saves ohio!

Very interesting! Couple questions I have:

  • Do you have the concept down of the type of NFT collection and art to roll this out (generative, pfp, collection size, OE, etc.)? If so, have you released a collection yourself or already have a team in place to get to work after grant is made?

  • it sounds like $DOG would be used to mint the NFTs. I’d like to hear more about the idea of the mechanics/tokenomics to pull this off.

  • if this is just an idea you had, let us know. If you can actually put this together (and just need the grant), I’d encourage you to follow this template so we can better gauge the specific proposal. I actually really like this idea (the charitable component will always be my favorite):

  1. Overview
  2. Proposed use of $DOG grant:
  3. Experience
  4. Timeline
  5. Other Thoughts

sounds cool and I love the cause, curious to see a more detailed plan