Some doge nft must be donated to Vitalik Buterin so he can burn them as is tradition

Seems like you have to send a large chunk of coin to Vitalik Buterin so he can endorse it by burning what is received. Maybe he doesn’t burn it, maybe he keeps it, either way if you could get a comment out of the guy it would do a lot for establishing credibility within the crypto community.

Also half the float in one account is kind of off putting for investors. I say get two birds stoned at once and bring that down to like 45% or something more reasonable.

Really you should pay some tribute to Elon Musk as well for promoting the whole doge thing. Heck maybe even throw Snoop Dogg a bone. Like the holy trinity, it’s almost poetic. Who wouldn’t accept free money? If anyone of them take it that would be major.

Are there better ways for Vitalik to acknowledge us than sending him tokens? What if we set up a donation fund, sent a large chunk to it and ask if he’d like to advise on what charities it should go to?

Does Vitalik actually burn the tokens he receives? I thought he normally sells them. I actually think you’re onto something but it might be better to do something more novel than what has been done in the past.

Appreciate your ideas nonetheless - keep em coming!

The donating thing has been done before. Kabosu coin and others implement such a system and while it may seem like good motivation for potential investors and a convincing rhetoric; it has the adverse effect of delegitimizing the product. If you look at all the major established crypto currencies; they are serious business even if in an ironic way. This is not some donation scam fundraiser; this is the most important work of art ever created.
Celebrities are hesitant to endorse crypto currency due to the whole Elon doge lawsuit but there is nothing illegal about receiving a gift. It is a passive form of endorsement that may have a profound impact. This is a piece of history; you don’t have to give them a lot, just enough so that they are part of it. Whatever celebrities have, other people will want; it is a very simple yet pervasive marketing strategy.

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I think a targeted airdrop to Vitalik & other large contributors within the space could be effective

vitalik.eth is his best address?

You could try to reach him out on lenster, farcaster or even through Abdel (founder of Starknet if I recall correctly) one of his close friends

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want to give it a shot?